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Sacred Gaze: This Blog, Sol Luna Enterprises, and My Intentions

Sacred Gaze is a blog working in tandem with Sol Luna Enterprises that explores and celebrates ideas that many consider New Age: Reiki and other spiritual healing methods, the chakras, divination, such as Tarot and runes, the diverse use of herbs for health and spirituality, gardening as therapy as well as enjoyment, astrology, and many other diverse topics, with a healthy dose of literary allusion for good measure.

This blog also explores common ground among various spiritual paths: I have always believed that looking at other positive paths, their similarities and differences, cannot help but enhance the understanding and appreciation of one’s own spiritual path. I also fervently believe that all positive spiritual paths lead to the same place: the Divine.

It is my ardent wish to offer the posts in Sacred Gaze as an opportunity for continual learning as we travel a path of personal enlightenment.

As part of this journey towards enlightenment, Sacred Gaze welcomes commentary, as it is intended to be a meaningful dialogue among seekers of spiritual truth, whatever that may be for an individual, as well as those who are secure in their own spiritual paths.

About Me

As owner-operator of Sol Luna Enterprises and of Lune Soleil Enterprises, as well as blog writer of Spiral Musings, Sensual Thymes, and The Crafty Witch, I am a lifelong seeker of old wisdom that is erroneously called “New Age.” I am a Reiki master and inveterate animal lover, as well as avid reader and lover of all things literary,  who is also interested in chakra balancing, crystal healing, meditation, and yoga. Other interests include astrology, tarot and other divination systems, feng shui, and gardening.

In the words of Lao Tzu, “Knowing others is wisdom; knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” This is my lifelong goal as well as the goal for Sacred Gaze. Namaste and Blessed Be.




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